Daily crude oil spot price September 2017

Daily crude oil spot price September 2017

Bank of America Merrill Lynch said tight market conditions may push Brent oil prices to $90 per barrel in the second quarter of 209. However, the agency warned that there are uncertainties in the market, because tDaily crude oil spot price September 2017he impact of the sanctions announced by the United States on Iran is not clear, and the trade disputes between the United States and other major economies will gradually have an impact.

More data show that Cushing, Oklahoma's crude oil inventories fell by 260,000 barrels last week, recording a decline for five consecutive weeks, and the largest decline since the week of February 2 in seven weeks. U.S. refined oil inventories increased by 2.75 million barrels, the largest increase in the nine weeks since the week of February 9, and the market is expected to decrease by 40,000 barrels. US gasoline inventories increased by 270,000 barrels, and the market estimated an increase of 80,000 barrels.

Every investment is the same. Only the principal can be invested in order to make a profit. Therefore, the principal must not be lost. At this time, the stop loss is particularly important. Even if you are not willing to lose money, you cannot carry it on. Set a stop loss and make a loss. When it reaches a certain value, it will go out of the market. After all, this is different from stocks. Stocks can only be bought up, and if they don't rise, they will definitely lose money.

Only by determining the trading mode, speculators can clearly know what they are concerned about in the market, what they are looking for, which changes are very important, which changes are meaningless to them, and when they should take action.

When mainstream investment banks expected that the withdrawal of the United States from the Iran nuclear restriction agreement would push up oil prices to $80, Bloomberg pointed out that supply alone is not enough. Iran, the U.S. shale oil and OPEC's production decisions are not the focus, and the factors that really affect the oil market depend on it.

In addition to exporting Iranian crude oil to tDaily crude oil spot price September 2017he aforementioned countries, there is also the largest market-Europe. Europe is the largest market for Iranian crude oil exports and once occupied more than 20% of the market share of Iranian crude oil exports. But since Trump issued the ban, Europe is afraid of being sanctioned and gradually reducing imports of Iranian crude oil. Europe’s crude oil imports from Iran amounted to 22 million barrels in June, but only 0 million barrels in August, a drop of more than 50%.