Crude Oil Trading Miami

Crude Oil Trading Miami

Take this month's non-agricultural data as an illustraCrude Oil Trading Miamition. Before the data was released, the market began to warm up on its expectations. After the data was released, the actual data was far greater than the predicted value, and crude oil prices began to decline faster. But then it resumed its normal trend.

Europe has previously made it clear that it will publicly oppose the Trump administration’s sanctions against Iran, and will start a procedure on May 8 to prohibit EU companies from complying with US sanctions against Iran, while not recognizing any judgments enforced by US courts. . European Commission President Juncker said: We have also decided to allow the European Investment Bank to promote investment by European companies in Iran. The committee itself will maintain cooperation with Iran.

In the first half of 208, global oil demand increased steadily, and international oil prices fluctuated upward. The average spot prices of North Sea Brent crude oil and American West Texas Intermediate crude WTI were US$70.58/barrel and US$652/barrel, respectively, compared with the previous year. Increases were% and 2% over the same period.

On the one hand, Venezuela requires Guyana to return this disputed area. If this issue has not been resolved, once the ownership dispute breaks out, Guyana may suffer. Venezuela recently claimed that it has 0 million people in combat, which is more than Guyana's total population of at least 200,000. ExxonMobil has Guyana's backing to extract oil, otherwise it will not be able to extract oil.

Investors will usher in US EIA crude oil inventory data tonight. If EIA inventories decline, then US crude oil will likely return to rise again, and oil prices may rise above the $7 round mark. But if EIA stocks increase significantly, I am afraid that crude oil prices will fall back to the previous 70-72 shock range. Once again caught in a narrow volatile market.

But it should be noted that even if the above measures do not work, Trump still has a killer. He could not rely on OPEC and use 600 million barrels of emergency oil reserves to suppress oil prices. Washington Consulting CCrude Oil Trading Miamiompany ClearView

After learning to stop loss, after a period of operation, traders suddenly found that their principal is still decreasing as always, but the rate of reduction is much slower, that is, stop loss and stop loss, the more you stop, the more you stop. After analyzing my transaction records, I found that the direction of many of my transactions was problematic, which did not match the general direction of the market, so many transactions ended up with stop loss and liquidation. At this time, the capital curve showed a continuous drop in fragmented steps.

OPEC member countries have spare capacity. If necessary, OPEC can increase production at any time. I believe that if there is a need to increase production, OPEC's energy ministers will do so. Now, they just don't want to increase production, because there is no problem now, he said.