What are the crude oil analysis methods

What are the crude oil analysis methods

The first two sentences are to make adequate preparations for trading and to make a trading plaWhat are the crude oil analysis methodsn. The third sentence is to trade according to your trading plan. The fourth sentence is to deal with the mentality of trading. When you can stick to these four sentences, then you are not far from a stable profit model.

But interestingly, compared to hedge funds' large-scale bets on long Brent crude oil, WTI's speculative long positions are generally rising. CFTC data shows that in the week ending April 0, WTI's net long position fell 6% to 476.5 million contracts.

The OPEC communiqué stated that the conditions of the crude oil market have improved; member states will work to restore the implementation rate of 00% production reduction; the oil production reduction supervision committee JMMC will monitor the implementation rate target; new indicators are needed to measure the market. OPEC conference chairman Mazrouei said at a press conference that he would not provide actual production increase figures. However, the Oil Production Reduction Committee JMMC determined that to restore the 00% production reduction implementation rate, an increase of 0 million barrels per day is needed. The Iraqi Oil Minister pointed out that the OPEC agreement means an actual increase of 770,000 barrels per day to the market. OPEC agreed to increase actual production by 700,000-800,000 barrels per day, confirming that the OPEC agreement will take effect on July, and any country that excessively reduces production needs Return to the implementation rate of production reduction to 00%.

Abstract: Affected by the approaching date of US sanctions against Iranian crude oil exports and OPEC’s refusal to increase production as required by the US government, international oil prices have continued to rise recently. London Brent crude oil futures prices closed on the 25th to a new high since 204 years.

Although the recent OPEC meeting has shown good results, and major oil-producing countries have also expressed their agreement, the internal contradictions are actually quite large, so it is still difficult to achieve real frozen production. Although Iran and Saudi Arabia have expressed their support for the frozen production of crude oil on the surface, the output of crude oil is consistently high. If they really support the frozen production, then they have said in the early stage.

In terms of boosting the U.S. economy, based on previous experience, a sustained increase in oil prices by $0 will reduce U.S. gross domestic product by about What are the crude oil analysis methods0.% in the second year. Mark Zandi, Chief Economist, Moody's Analytics

JPMorgan Chase analyst Abhishek Deshpande stated in a report that despite geopolitical tensions and the risk of deepening crude oil supply interruptions in 208, he still believes that oil prices will show a downward trend until this year. At the end of the year, at the same time 209 years will maintain this trend.