Today's crude oil analysis

Today's crude oil analysis

On Thursday, May, crude oil futures prices fell, Brent crude oil futures fell 0.5% to $7 per barrel; US crude oil futures fell 0.29% to $68 per barrel. September crude oil futures closed up 96%, investors increased their long positiToday's crude oil analysisons due to the depreciation of the renminbi, and global oil prices soared overnight.

After the four consecutive declines in refined oil prices on February 4, the retail prices of gasoline and diesel have dropped by 550 yuan/ton and 75 yuan/ton. The increase in oil prices in the first half of 208 has all been reversed? The opening of this round of gasoline and diesel price adjustment window is likely to be the last drop in 8 years. After this, it may continue to usher in 209 years because of floor price restrictions.

When a cross star or an inverted hammer-shaped yang or yin line with a long upper shadow appears on the K line on the day, it is the key to sell. The presence of a high doji on the daily K-line indicates a strong divergence between longs and shorts, and the situation may change from a buyer’s market to a seller’s market. The presence of a doji at a high position is like driving a red light at an intersection, reflecting that the market will undergo a turning point, and shipments can be made to avoid risks.

South Korea is fairly self-aware and did not put eggs in a basket and made two-handed preparations, otherwise the price of refined oil in the country would go up. It's just that what the United States has done may cool South Korea's heart.

In spot crude oil trading, trend judgment runs through. Without better research and judgment of crude oil trends, it is impossible to accurately grasp the trend of crude oil market, and it is impossible to make a safe profit. The following China Petroleum Finance and Economics website is to teach you how to make short money when spot crude oil plummets.

Abstract: DToday's crude oil analysisata from Baker Hughes of Baker Hughes shows that the number of oil rigs operating in African waters has risen to the highest level in two years. Energy Consulting Company Rystad

Trump previously tweeted that our delegation will negotiate with him and believe that it can be successful. Whether it is launching a zero investigation or imposing tariffs on commodities, the United States is all about reducing its trade deficit. The U.S. delegation’s visit to China for negotiations this time marked the ultimate showdown on the Sino-U.S. trade issue.