ncnda crude oil contract template

ncnda crude oil contract template

In general, based on the current crude oil weekly line, $66 will be a key point that crude oilncnda crude oil contract template is currently holding closely. The moving average has already turned down. However, the current k-line entity has deviated significantly from the moving average. Exclude the follow-up market in the 66-68 range to maintain low shocks and wait for the moving average to adjust downward. Of course, the premise is that the 66 bottom support can support the short pressure of the market. If it falls, the market may face the risk of further dropping to $60.

In addition, mainly affected by the economic crisis in Latin America and the situation in the Middle East, OPEC also lowered the growth of global oil demand in 209, down 20,000 barrels per day from the previous month’s report. OPEC predicts that global oil demand will increase by 40,000 barrels per day in 209, and the total global consumption is about 200 million barrels per day. US media CNBC pointed out that this will be the first time that global oil demand has exceeded the 100 million barrels per day mark. OPEC also pointed out other dangers that may further hinder crude oil demand, such as the fragility of the Argentine and Turkish economies, the devaluation of the Indian currency, and the rise of trade protectionism.

As a new type of clean fuel and renewable energy, ethanol gasoline has huge advantages compared with traditional gasoline. It can not only save a lot of petroleum resources, but also promote agricultural production. For Trump, this trick may achieve the best of both worlds:

Venezuela's crude oil production has fallen sharply due to the turmoil and the financial crisis. The latest news shows that the country's national oil company is considering announcing that some export terminals have been forced to close due to force majeure. It is believed that this will boost oil prices.

However, as mentioned by the China Oil Network before, on the eve of this Iranian nuclear storm, crude oil prices are likely to usher in a continuous wave of sharp declines. The purpose is to depress oil prices and wait for the outbreak of the Iranian nuclear storm to reap more benefits. Previously, it was predicted that the lowest crude oil price might fall to $66. Therefore, from the perspective of current crude oil trends, there is still a certain downside below. In the short term, it is still a relatively bearish attitude.

On the 4-hour chart, U.S. oil is in a critical pressure range. The most direct pressure above is $6. If you clearly stand at this point, you will have the opportunity to test the strong pressure at $65. It is unlikely to stand in a short time, but If it unexpectedly strengthens and regains its position at $65, it means that oil prices havncnda crude oil contract templatee reopened their bullish trend.

CICC stated that Sinopec’s trading losses may be caused by improper operating strategies. It is estimated that Sinopec may experience a book value impairment of approximately RMB 5 billion from October 20 to September 209. At the same time, affected by the incident, Sinopec stocks are at risk of further downside in the near future.

Spot crude oil prices will usher in the final result of the Iran nuclear agreement at 2 a.m. tomorrow. Analysts believe that even if Trump re-sanctions Iran, it will not disrupt the crude oil market. Crude oil prices are unlikely to stage a plummeting market, so crude oil investors need not blindly. Make an order.