WTI crude oil spot prices

WTI crude oil spot prices

Although the EIA inventory data has recorded a substantial increase, the impact of this data will generally only last for a short time. Therefore, if crude oil prices can hold the $7 line during the decline today, then the market can basically maintain a rise this week. Down balance. As for the crude oil market, as long as it stabilizes above US$70, the crude oil market in the future still has very strong potential bullish positives that have not brokenWTI crude oil spot prices out.

The difference between the two. MACD describes the relationship between the moving averages. In addition to showing the adhesion and divergence, the moving average also describes the spatial relationship with the price. MACD focuses on the adhesion and divergence of the moving average, that is, the increase and decrease of price momentum, and the deviation from the price trend. The price breaks through new highs and new lows. The moving average shows the positional relationship with the bar.

Moreover, although our country imports and exports at the same time, the imported and exported oil are different. What our country imports is crude oil, that is, oil that cannot be used immediately but has to undergo various processes. The exported oil is refined oil, and refined oil is processed. The price of processed oil is higher than that of crude oil. Some countries do not have processing technology, or do not have so many oil reserves, and can only buy imported refined oil, and my country can earn the difference in price.

In addition, there have been several explosions in Damascus, which is good for crude oil in theory, but the market has anticipated geo-risk events in the near future, or the reason why crude oil cannot continue to rise. Analysts predict that the direct military confrontation between the United States, Russia and other countries on the Syrian issue will not last too long, and oil prices will return to the trend of supply and demand.

Kilduff said in an interview this week that due to US sanctions, Iran’s daily reduction of oil production exceeds 100,000 barrels, which cannot be compensated. He expects the price of WTI crude oil to reach between US$85 and US$90 per barrel at the end of this year, and the price of Brent crude oil to be between US$95 and US$00.

Objectively speaking, the current investment of oil companies has gone from being relatively extensive in the past to the current investment decision-making is more reasonable, mainly due to the influence of factors such as the previous low oil prices, investment is more intensive, focusing on reducing costs and increasing efficiency. Rising oil prices are likely to return to the original way. We must be sufficiently vigilant and we should continue to focus on optimizing the investment structure, product structure, and industrial structure, and we musWTI crude oil spot pricest do something and not do something.

Among the five types of oil supplied to Asia by Saudi Aramco, the world's largest oil export company, in July, four have raised the official price OSPs. Among them, the official price of the indicator crude oil, Arabian Light crude oil, has risen by US$0.20 per barrel. After the price increase, the premium of Arabian Light crude oil to the regional indicator Oman-Dubai crude oil rose to $0 per barrel, the highest in four years.

The statement also stated that in accordance with Article 0 of the Trade Act of 974, the United States will impose a 25% tariff on imported products worth US$50 billion, including high-tech products, including products related to the manufacturing of the 2025 plan.

As the informal meeting between OPEC and non-OPEC oil-producing countries approaches next month, major countries such as Saudi Arabia and Russia have issued signals of freezing production. However, history has proven that OPEC is synonymous with untrustworthiness, and investors should not be deceived by this wave of oil price rebound.